Help Me Grow Home Visiting

Logo with flower and Help Me Grow underneath Ohio Department of Health

The Help Me Grow Home Visiting program provides expectant or new parents with the information, support and encouragement they need through a voluntary, high-quality home visiting service.

By supporting the positive interaction with children in stable and stimulating environments, Help Me Grow seeks to create a sturdy foundation for future achievement. Ultimately, this approach is essential to the educational and economic success of Ohio’s children and families.

The Help Me Grow Home Visiting program has four central goals:

1. Increase healthy pregnancies;
2. Improve parenting confidence and competence;
3. Increase family connectedness to community and social supports;
4. Improve child health, development, and readiness.

For more information, call 740-335-5111.

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Sharon Gibbs, BA, Contract Manager / Supervisor
Home Visitors:
Elizabeth Deis
Jackie Lewis, MA, Sp. Ed
Shawna Chace, BA

Beth King, MS, Ed
Molly Gruber, BA
Sara Randolph, M Ed