Children with Medical Handicaps
The Children with Medical Handicaps (CMH) program is a program dedicated to assisting families and children (under 21 years old) with special needs in obtaining special care and services. Public health nurses assist with the application and offer support and coordination for participating families. For more information on CMH, click here.

Cholesterol Checks
Cholesterol checks are performed the first and second Tuesday of every month. Checks are done by appointment only. This is a fasting test. If you schedule an appointment for a cholesterol check, you will need to fast beginning at midnight on the night prior to your appointment. Call 335-5910 to schedule the appointment. This service is free to Fayette County residents.

Communicable Disease Reporting
In order to help maintain a healthy community it is necessary to be aware of communicable diseases to prevent widespread disease outbreak. Staff at the health department investigates reports of communicable disease to help prevent the spread of the disease and assist with treatment if necessary. This activity is essential in preventing the spread of communicable disease. in a new tab)

Immunizations provide one of the most effective means of preventing the spread of disease. As the major provider of childhood immunizations, the health department has a key role in the prevention of major childhood illness. Due to COVID-19, immunizations are being offered by appointment only, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please call 740-335-5910 to make an appointment.

Reproductive Health and Wellness Program

The goal of the Reproductive Health and Wellness program is to enable families to choose if and when to have children. Clinics are held every Wednesday by appointment only. An after hours clinic is held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 4-7 p.m. Clients will see a Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP) who can prescribe birth control, perform gynecological exams and test for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Learn more here.

School Nursing
The health department provides school nursing services to all schools located in Fayette County. Nurses are available to review student health and immunization records, perform hearing, vision and scoliosis screenings and referrals and provide other services as needed.

Tonda Bradley, RN, Director of Nursing

Amanda Brown, RN
Amy Friel, RN
Ashley Roberts, RN
Cindy Throckmorton, RN, BSN
Darci Moore, CNP
Emily Bower, RN, BSN
Holly Johnson, RN, BSN
Janessa Williamson, RN
Kate Halliday, RN, BSN
Kris Wright, RN
Melissa Reed, RN, BSN
Tracy Dye, RN, BSN