Environmental Health


Our goals: Ensure the minimal risk of injury, disease and vector exposure to persons utilizing camps.
How we accomplish our goals: Periodic inspections, education of operators, enforcement of regulations in all areas of sanitation and safety.

Public Swimming Pools & Spas

Our goals: Prevent spread of waterborne diseases, related illnesses and accidents at public swimming pools and spas.
How we accomplish our goals: Periodic inspections, education of operators, enforcement of regulations, monitoring of chemicals, water quality, and equipment.

Food Safety

Our goals: Prevention of food-borne illness and conditions that cause illness ~ including prepration, transportation, storage and serving. Ensure a healthy environment in food service facilities.
How we accomplish our goals: Routine system of periodic inspections, plan review,operator education, and regulation enforcement.

Mosquitoes, Ticks and Rodents

Our goals: Reduce the risk of infection from vector-borne diseases (such as West Nile Virus, St. Louis encephalistis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme disease).
How we accomplish our goals: Provide information to the public regarding the prevention of vector-borne diseases. Monitoring of mosquito and tick population and environmental conditions that would harbor breeding of such vectors.

Rabies Monitoring

Our goals: Protect the public from the spread of rabies and to promote awareness of the dangers of rabies.
How we accomplish our goals: Monitoring of a nationwide immunization program, quarantine isolation and observation during bite case (both human and animal), and suspect case animal head submissions to the Ohio Department of Health for clinical testing..

Household Sewage Treatment Systems

Our goals: Reduce the risk of infectious diseases transmitted by improperly or inadequately treated sewage.
How we accomplish our goals: Permitting, site evaluation, system design, installation inspections, operational inspections, soil surveys (disposal and replacement areas), lot splits and subdivision review.

Public Health Nuisance Abatement

Our goals: Protect community against public health nuisance conditions that could adversely affect the health and welfare of persons in the community.
How we accomplish our goals: Promote public awareness of the importance of a clean, healthy environment. Abate threats to public health through ordinances, orders, court action, and demolition.

Water samples can only be collected between 1-4 p.m. on Mondays due to the lab’s pickup schedule. These must be collected at the home.

Food Service
Locally Approved Haulers
Private Water Systems

Contact our Environmental Health Division: 740-333-3590

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