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About Us


Fayette County Public Health strives to provide public health services to our community, placing emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention.


Fayette County Public Health will be the central force that brings together all partners for optimal public health services.


  • Professionalism: We will create a culture that encourages our employees to exhibit a courteous, conscientious, and businesslike manner in the workplace.
  • Teamwork: We will work together to solve problems, make decisions and achieve common goals, both within our organization and with our partners.
  • Leadership: We all have a leadership role in creating a supportive, encouraging, and motivating environment. Leadership is achieved through embracing change, being visionary, and involving others in the decision-making process.
  • Respect: We recognize and honor the contributions of one another in our daily activities and create an environment where diversity is appreciated and encouraged.
  • Quality: We strive to increase our knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain high standards of service that are recognized by our community health partners.
  • Accountability: We value the public’s trust and encourage personal responsibility in the provision of service.
  • Customer Service: We are dedicated to not just meeting, but also exceeding the needs of our clients with extraordinary efforts.
Health Commissioner     Leigh N. Cannon, MPH

Medical Director     Dr. Jim McWeeney

Fiscal Officer     Stacey Mathews

Board Members

  • Dr. Brian Jenks, President: Term ends 3/14/2027
  • Kristy Bowers, Vice President: Term ends 3/12/2028
  • Wayne Roberts: Term ends 03/20/2029
  • Staci Hamilton: Term ends 3/16/2025
  • Dr. William Stevenson: Term ends 3/15/2026

District Advisory Council (Subdivisions)

  • Bloomingburg Village
  • Concord Township
  • County Commissioners
  • Green Township
  • Jasper Township
  • Jeffersonville Village
  • Madison Township
  • Marion Township
  • Milledgeville Village
  • Octa Village
  • Paint Township
  • Perry Township
  • Union Township
  • Wayne Township
  • City of Washington

The 2023 Annual Financial Report of the Fayette County Combined General Health District has been completed and submitted through the Auditor of State's Hinkle System and is available for review by public records request.  You may contact Stacey Mathews at with any questions.